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Preparation work is the most important.

CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTEPreparation work is the most importantHello and Welcome to our website!I am often asked why preparation work will take so long.The foundation of a well build house its the start.What you don’t see is the most important.This is basically the preparation work.When you get everything done properly in that department […]

The Inspirational Bathrooms of Today

CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTEThe Inspirational Bathrooms of TodayHello and Welcome to our website!Over the last 10 years a luxurious bathrooms has moved higher up the list of priorities for homeowners.Only kitchens are more critical to home’s appeal.This can hardly be considered surprising.Much of the population reports experiensing extreme stress on an ongoing basis.In […]

The new Bathrooms -Simplicity

CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTEThe New Bathroom styles-SimplicityHello and Welcome to our website!It has been a while since I didn’t post anything.I though now is the perfect time since we are all stuck at home.This very cute couple contacted us with their ideas to change all the 3 bathrooms in their newly bought  house,including […]

Interior Design- Made Affordable

CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTEThe Contemporary BathroomsIt has been a while since I didnt make a new blog post and as now we are all stuck home I thought is the perfect time to catch up.This bathroom I ll show you is one of my favorite.I may think all the bathrooms I designed are […]

How to Give a Room Life with colour and accessories

CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTEHow to Make a Room Alive with colour and accessories Hello and Welcome to our website!The dark colours versus the ultimate white is today’s topic.I think we can all agree the era of Magnolia is gone for good.Nowadays Painting & Decorating means so much more than it used to be.Today […]