The Teal Bathroom Remodel

This beautiful little gem I call The Teal Bathroom.Many home owners decide to remodel the bathroom and have a shower instead of a bath/shower.The reason probably is the time we living in.We are always in a rush.Many people have twice a year  time to soak in a long bath with a glass of wine.

If the family has young children they prefer having a bath for obvious reasons -fun!

Older people  on the other hand prefer showers as its a lot easier too get in the shower.Less chances to experience slippery surface .Also its easier to clean in my opinion.

When I was a kid in the early 80s not many houses had the bath and shower .Some didnt even have showers.I remember before we had ours build we were either visiting next door our cousin and have shower or we have this bath by the fireplace.But both me and my sister be washed in the same water.I am glad this had changed .Now I design bathrooms which can easily be used as a bedroom.