Preparation work is the most important

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I am often asked why preparation work will take so long.

The foundation of a well build house its the start.What you don't see is the most important.This is basically the preparation work.

When you get everything done properly in that department everything is likely to go smooth and easy.When it comes to interior decorating especially ,

by preparing and covering all surface you make yourselves a huge favor.Meaning less cleaning.The house that I posted photos of it took us 3 days to cover everything,We were removing books from a very high book shelves and expensive vases .The paintings from the walls were removed carefully and wrapped .The staircase of this 1930's house was the original .Everything else was changed over the years but this staircase and the curves on this beautiful banister remained .The owner said that during the war half of the house was destroyed ,he knew this as he tracked down the house's previous owners.Apparently there is a service which can do that.The colours they choose for the walls was not to my taste I admit ,however when it was painted it made a difference.The high ceiling and moldings were sprayed and all windows had their hardware changed.

It took us a couple of days to decide which carpet to go for,but at the end it all looks fantastic .

Yes this is why we can't  say we are cheap decorators ,as we guarantee a very good quality, reasonable timing and protecting your belongings like they are ours.