The Inspirational Bathrooms of Today

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Over the last 10 years a luxurious bathrooms has moved higher up the list of priorities for homeowners.

Only kitchens are more critical to home's appeal.This can hardly be considered surprising.Much of the population reports experiensing extreme stress on an ongoing basis.In today's fast-paced society,people want -no they need a place to Relax and pamper themselves.More and more often ,that place is the bathroom.

The bathroom is the last frontier of personal privacy.

Its difficult to believe that just three generations ago,many houses did not have a bathroom.People washed themselves once a week in a tin bath in front of the fire ,while the toilet was outside.

Refitting a bathroom is generally considered a wise investment.Building an additional bathroom is adding a value to the property cost(providing it doesn not involve reducing the number of rooms)

Along with the peoples need ,the bathroom had change its appearance .A new desire to spend more time in our bathroom has given our demand for attractive spaces.

The Bathroom is no longer places simply for washing,but sanctuaries where we can relax and unwind.We can express our personal taste and style at the same time thinking about the practical qualities too.

Whether your bathroom is planned to be Minimalist ,Contemporary,Period and Traditional today's 

bathroom and tile suppliers have an extremely large list of fixtures and fittings,bathroom accessories that can blow your mind.

Every bathroom is created working around the homeowners lifestyle and needs as well as the space and the budget in mind.

As a designer I constantly try to be up to date with new trends.I had chosen a few examples of my favorite bathroom photos.I recently designed one  inspired by the photos you see .It is almost finished.I can not wait to share the photos ,however small details are still not in place ( the situation we are in now made everything more difficult for all of us.)

I always say the devil is in the details! I hope you like them as much as I do.

Thank you for reading ,enjoy your day !

 Photos sourced from Shutter stock