The New Bathroom styles-Simplicity

Hello and Welcome to our website!

It has been a while since I didn't post anything.I though now is the perfect time since we are all stuck at home.

This very cute couple contacted us with their ideas to change all the 3 bathrooms in their newly bought  house,including a small toilet.All needed to go.

I truly believe that people's energy is responsible for their failure or success.I ll tell you where I am going with this.Some clients are extremely demanding which is fine.

Some are demanding ,annoying and think they know better than you.And some people like this couple are just such a sunshine.Such a positive approach to everything. Dont get me wrong,they knew exactly what they want.And I appreciate clients who had done their home work.

I wish there were more people like them,honestly.For clients like that we are not only willing to walk an extra mile-we do it every day.

I am posting photos of the before so you can see how it was ,the design I did and the end result. I am super proud of all of us .If the suppliers didnt mess it all up .bathroom was going to be fully functional a month ago.But anyways there are problems,just depends how you react to them.

As you can see the Bath had to change place also the ceiling to be risen as much possible.Luckily it was. Now the couple enjoy having a fresh and airy bathroom where they can relax after a long day at work.The black fixtures make this bathroom have such a contemporary feel.The tiles have also interesting texture,almost like they are worn and chipped here and there.

My favorite is the big round mirror.It was delivered smaller one by mistake which it looked weird.This one made it  come together ,made it look finished.

As I always say the devil is in the detail.

I hope you like what our team created ,and if you have any upcoming projects give us a call or drop us an email.

Toni M-Georgieva

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 Photography: Toni M-G