How to Make a Room Alive with colour and accessories

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The dark colours versus the ultimate white is today's topic.

I think we can all agree the era of Magnolia is gone for good.

Nowadays Painting & Decorating means so much more than it used to be.
Today there are so many colours to choose from,depending on what you are trying to achieve as a mood.Looks like the dark blue is getting more admirers since entering last years's interior magazines.It is actually easy to work around it.You can combine it with a large soft furniture like on the photo,which makes it stands out even more.Also the cladding is making a return not only in bathrooms but in living areas too.The good news is always that in case you need to change ,just paint it over.


It is a myth that the dark colours make a room appear  smaller,it s actually what you fill the room with makes its appearance.For some people this is a very brave step as they can't imagine their furniture in a different setting than white or magnolia.Sometimes you end up surprised how everything look so good when all details are placed.Also the rooms wants more than just a lick of paint.The room is a blank canvas.Add coving and skirting boards,wood flooring or paint the old floor.If your budget it tight  to change doors and windows ,just paint them.Once you have the backdrop sorted,look through a magazines and get inspired!

The Ultimate white  on the other hand  never looses its strength to impress.Some people might think white soft furnishing will get dirty quicker.This is true,but the white is easiest to clean since we invented the bleach! White also is the colour which makes you feel fresh( this is why most hotels have only white towels)
Add some rustic elements or cushions with some pattern and here it is your interior created.I always say that the big picture is created by the details.Like a small basket,picture frame ,a blanket, patterned  rug. If you like photographs on the wall ,use them as your focal point and gather them together.Maybe print them all in black and white to create a feel of union.Usually this looks good behind the sofa wall or the stair case wall.We did one client's wall black with all white frames also banisters white and carpet in black and white.It looked   very intriguing. 
Also if you have lots of books,not to worry.To remain in that white colour scheme all books can be easily covered with  white paper.Or you can use them as focal point by using bold striking colour like red or purple,blue or yellow.

What would your colour choice be and why ?

Variety of  brands improved their formulas so much.Brands like Farrow and Ball ,Little Greene, Val spar and Dulux not only have insane range of colours but they are  eco friendly too. 

Conclusion.All in all we are all different people and some of us want to be surrounded by bright rainbow colours whereas others prefer the muted tones.

No matter what you  ll choose make sure you have fun browsing for new staff and enjoy the ride of decorating.

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Toni M-Georgieva


Images used are from Ideal Home Magazine and our clients projects.