Awkward bathroom turns into a good space walk in shower

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Today I wanted to show you this walk in shower. Even though I did not have the chance to go and photograph this project,you can tell how different it is now.

So Let's get started with how it was before(the image on the left)

 I could not believe what I saw when i went to meet this young man who bought a 2 bedroom flat  which needed a lot of layout changes.

There was this not  functional and dated  bathroom.Basically whoever did this before either did not care about personal hygiene or  was a bad builder.

As you can see for yourselves the space where you can have a shower is next to the bath space about 60 cm.There is no shower head in the bathtub.

There was a boiler in   as well which made the space even more awkward to use. Plus I think this is very dangerous ,but I am not aware of the electrical regulations so No more comments on the boiler issue.

Our Bathroom specialist managed to do everything I asked for the layout .As soon as I showed him the project and send him all the spec. the very next day him and the team went to the flat and cracked on.

It took him about 10 days ,this is including the toilet as well.

In the toilet he also installed a shower head and drainage so when our client   has his big family visiting over  ,they have 2 places to have shower.

Also the boiler was moved to the toilet.

Overall I think the small changes we made ,are making big difference for every day use and more enjoyable place to live.

I wish Steven all the best and hopefully see him soon for his kitchen renovation plan.