One Bedroom Flat Renovation 

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It all looks easy when is done ,however this flat was not easy I ll tell you why.The bathroom ,corridor and kitchen are trapez shape .The client had also good idea how the joints of the tiles should be.You can see at the images below.

The initial project we proposed was very different from what we did as the client ,who is an architect had his own vision for it.

We didn't want to block halfway the window ,we wanted to have a shower enclosure with the window in it as there was enough space for the vanity unit,the radiator and the toilet.As you can see it looks good, but could have been perfect .So sometimes as a designer ,I have to agree what the client want even if it is  not the best for this layout. After all this is a flat  for rental and the owner's decision is the final one.

Our tile specialist  Plamen Petrov did amazing job considering the precise requirements for the tiles placement.Specific as hell I ll call it :)

Plamen has over 20 years of experience in Bathroom renovations and we are very lucky to work together.He went an extra mile to make this fussy client very happy!

The kitchen  units are from Benchmarx ,worktop is granite fitted by different company.Everything went pretty straight forward apart from little delays here and there on important items ,but this happens all the time.

The flooring in the living room needed a lot of attention too as there were old tiles where the fire place used to be. So imagine how old this wood flooring is.We had to find as similar as possible size and texture wise wood flooring.Then thinner them as they were way too thick .Place them to match the herring bone  and stain it to get to the closest colour of the existing floor there.

The wallpaper from Laura Ashley I am not the biggest fan.They might be beautiful ,but probably shroud have asked decorators how to improve the quality of it.So hard to work with.Well if you don't know that you ll think ,,Why this decorator charged me so much for wallpapering?! ,, 

Believe me there is a huge difference ,and if you want to see no joint lines pay more.I am all about details and my eye goes to all this tiny invisible details.Best thing to do is ask your Decorator -us what brand to go for.Order samples and show them to us ,we can advise you.

I hope you enjoyed this post ,get in touch if you are thinking to renovate.No matter how small or big your project is.

The video below is this projects Before and After images of a Kitchen,Bathroom,Living room and Bedroom.