Interior Design :Bedroom

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My blog post today is about the Bedrooms.

The room we want to escape from the long day at work and drift off to sleep.For some people this should involve only a comfy bed,for other a bit more than that. Glamours room with textured cushions and romantic crystal chandelier is the bedroom we are talking about today.

Neutral colours ,soft pink ,beige, brown and grey.Lots of textures and patterned wall paper.

The original room as you can see on the image bellow was bright orange ,a bit dated and the room needed a face lift.To make the backdrop look more sophisticated we installed coving and 1 cm wide brown line painted by the decorator.This is to make the ceiling look like a photography frame.I picked up a few wallpaper samples and we decided this could go very well with the mirror the client already had.It is usually easier if I have a starting point,but that is not always the case.

The budget is actually the main starting point.For example the images bellow are from Kylie Minogue ,which is reasonable price for bedding and cushion, have such a blink to them.They also have good double layered curtains.Only the website is ridiculous but hay who am I to judge right  :)

To manage to fit in the budget our builder walked an extra mile for it.I asked him to create a head board ,I bought the fabric and he took care of it.I went to see how the bed turned up yesterday and I think it will be almost the same as the proposed one.We only thought making the headboard 5 cm shorter .The lamps will be different we had chosen the one  in the image below.The have glass and metal base reflecting more light. The cheaper options are always available in shops like TkMax.

Until this is all done I ll hold my breath ,patiently. 

Remember the interior of your home is reflection of who you are!