Interior Design- Made Affordable

When it comes to Interior Design everyone thinks this is something that you need to be rich for.I disagree. 

Your lifestyle is how you choose to live and express yourself on day -to-day basis.It begins with your home environment,extends to the way you dress ,what car you choose ,vacations,pets and by extensions to your family members.

Life should be lived as smoothly ,cleanly ,and comfortably as possible.

It begins whit a home that truly makes you happy. Indecision is a problem both for the client and the designer.There are simply too many choices and this is the moment you  should think of  hiring  someone who can narrow down according to your budget your preferred materials,finishes or fabric colours.

Consider 3 things.First you will never know what something is going to cost until you ask.Second,whatever you do is going to cost money.Third,life is filled with challenges :when you are confronted with having to stretch a bit to get what you really want ,that is precisely when you should do it.

Fear is the great inhibitor to getting anything done in life.The only way to break free of this bondage is to start saying Yes!

This project below had a small budget ,but we really wanted to help to create something different for this bedroom.The entire wardrobe was removed and its place it was build custom made for this couple. The room needed to have this Texas , steam punk feel.The wall behind it was with few layers of wallpaper and to skim it and make good it would have been more expensive. Kaloyan and I sat down discussing how to fit in the budget and he come up with this wood panels between the wardrobes which actually added the texture I wanted.We sourced the shelf holders online and decided to go for an auction the following week so we can get something more quirky for the client.Guess what -golden mine.We managed to buy the leather Tv cabinet only for 150 pounds,the metal chest of drawers were 2 plus 2 storage boxes only for 200 pounds. Extra storage is always handy.We couldn't buy a chandelier that day as it was way over what we can pay,but hey it can always get changed later including the curtains left behind as we decided to buy the beautiful mirror even though it was not in the initial plan.The wallpaper was painted darker grey  as neutral backdrop. I bought this bed throw form TKmax ,the bed it was similar as on the mood board but 1000 pounds cheaper ,plus it came with matres-Bargain.

As you can see on the photo the wardrobe is sitting on a platform.The reason why :  1- To hide all cables ,under the tv unit there is a socket.

2- When the old wardrobe was removed carpet  was missing and we thought lets make it a feature.

All in all this project was a challenge for both sides ,but it was so worth it.

If you don't have the energy to browse around and you are busy with work, call me.

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I am happy to discuss any project no matter how small or big it is.Get inspired and enjoy your home!

Inspirations are from this amazing interior shop in London